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Keynote Speakers

Topic 1:

Similarity-Based IPR and e-Forensics

---Modeling and Simulation in HC Interactive Learning Environment

Patrick S.P. Wang,

Professor, Fellow, IAPR , ISIBM and WASE

Northeastern University Boston, ECNU, Shanghai, NTUST, Taipei

Abstract: This talk deals with fundamental aspects of Similarity, Semantics, Ambiguity, Intelligent Pattern Recognition (IPR) and applications. It basically includes the following: Overview of 3D Biometric Technology and Applications, Importance of Security: A Scenario of Terrorists Attack, What are Biometric Technologies? Biometrics: Analysis vs Synthesis, Analysis: Concept of Syntax. Semantics, Ambiguity and Interactive Pattern Recognition, Importance of Measurement, How it works: Fingerprint Extraction and Matching, Iris, and Facial Analysis, Authentication Applications, Thermal Imaging: Emotion Recognition. Synthesis in Biometrics, Modeling and Simulation, and more Examples and Applications of 3D Biomedical Imaging in Interactive Web/Video Networking Fuzzy Learning Environment. Finally, some future research directions are discussed. 

Biography:  Prof. Patrick S.P.Wang, PhD. Fellow, IAPR, ISIBM,WASE and IEEE and ISIBM Outstanding Achievement Awardee, and is Tenured Full Professor, Northeastern University, USA, iCORE (Informatics Circle of Research Excellence) Visiting Professor, University of Calgary, Canada, Otto-Von-Guericke Distinguished Guest Professor, Magdeburg University, Germany, Zijiang Visiting Chair, ECNU, Shanghai, China, as well as honorary advisory professor of several key universities in China, including Sichuan University, Xiamen University, East China Normal University, Shanghai, and Guangxi Normal University, Guilin. Prof. Wang received his BSEE from National Chiao Tung University (Jiaotong  Technology, and PhD, Computer Science from Oregon State University. Dr. Wang has published over 26 books, 200 technical papers, 3 USA/European Patents, in PR/AI/TV/Cybernetics/Imaging, and is currently founding Editor-in-Chief of IJPRAI (International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence) , and Book Series ofMPAI, WSP. In addition to his technical interests, Dr. Wang also published a prose book, “Harvard Meditation Melody” 《哈佛冥想曲》and many articles and poems regarding Du Fu and Li Bai’s poems, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart and Tchaikovsky’s symphonies, and Bizet, Verdi, Puccini and Rossini’s operas.

Topic 2:

Exploring Malicious Meter Inspection in Neighborhood Area Smart Grids

Dr. Yang Xiao, Professor

Department of Computer Science

The University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0290 USA

Abstract: In smart grids, smart meters may potentially be attacked or compromised to cause certain security risks. It is challenging to identify malicious meters when there are a large number of users. In this talk, we explore the malicious meter inspection (MMI) problem in neighborhood area smart grids. We propose a suite of inspection algorithms in a progressive manner. First, we present a basic scanning method, which takes linear time to accomplish inspection. The scanning method is efficient when the malicious meter ratio is high. Then, we propose a binary-tree-based inspection algorithm, which performs better than scanning when the malicious meter ratio is low. Finally, we employ an adaptive-tree-based algorithm, which leverages advantages of both the scanning and binary-tree inspections. Our approaches are tailored to fit both static and dynamic situations. The theoretical and experimental results have shown the effectiveness of the adaptive tree approach.

Biography:  Dr. Xiao is a full professor of Department of Computer Science at The University of Alabama. He was a voting member of IEEE 802.11 Working Group from 2001 to 2004. His research areas are security and communications/networks.  He has published more than 200 SCI-indexed journal papers (including 50 IEEE/ACM transactions papers) and over 200 conference papers and book chapters related to these research areas. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief for International Journal of Security and Networks (IJSN) and International Journal of Sensor Networks (IJSNet) (SCI-index). He was the founding Editor-in-Chief for International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications (IJTA) (2007-2009).  He had/has been on editorial board for 10 international journals, including IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (2007-2009), IEEE Communications Survey and Tutorials (2007-present), etc. He served (s) as a guest editor for 18 times for different international journals, including IEEE Network, IEEE Wireless Communications, ACM/Springer Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET), etc. Dr. Xiao delivered more than 10 keynote speeches for international conferences and gave more than 60 invited talks for different international institutes. Dr. Xiao was a Guest Professor of Jilin University (2007-2012), and was an Adjunct Professor of Zhejiang University (2007-2009). Dr. Xiao had directed 8 doctoral dissertations in the past and is currently supervising 7 Ph.D. students/candidates in computer security and networking areas. Dr. Xiao also supervised 19 M.S. graduates in the past.


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