Call for Paper

CIS'2020 Call for Papers (PDF Format)

The topics include but are not limited to:

Computational Intelligence Information Security  Applications
•Artificial Immune Systems •Access Control •Anti-Virus
•Autonomy-Oriented Computing •Authentication and Authorization •Biometrics
•Artificial Neural Systems •Block/Stream Ciphers •Content Security
•Bayesian Learning •Cryptography and Coding •Cryptography and Applications
•Biological Computing •Cryptographic Protocols •Communication Security
•Data Mining •Crypt analysis •Copyright Protection
•DNA Computing •Computer Forensics •Database Security
•Evolutionary Programming •Hash Functions •Digital Signatures
•Evolutionary Algorithms •Information and System Integrity •Data Privacy
•Image Understanding •Intrusion Detection •Distributed Systems Security
•Intelligent Systems •Information Hiding •Detection of Abnormality
•Knowledge Discovery •Internet/Intranet Security •Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
•Learning Algorithms •Information Security Management •Financial Security
•Machine Learning •Key/Identity Management •Electronic Commerce Security
•Multi-Agent Systems •Mobile Communications Security •Information Discovery
•Multi-Objective EA •Malicious Codes •Mobile Device Security
•Neural Networks •Mobile Code & Agent Security •Multimedia Security
•Particle Swarm Optimization •Network & Wireless Security •Software Encryption
•Probabilistic Reasoning •Public Key Cryptosystems •System Security
•Reinforcement Learning •Public Key Infrastructure •Statistical Data Analysis
•Supervised Learning •Secret Sharing •Web Privacy and Trust
•Swarm Intelligence •Security Management&nbsp Steganography & Watermarking •Web Authentication
•Probabilistic Learning   •Web Security and Integrity