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Call for Paper

CIS'14 Call for Papers (PDF Format)

The topics include but are not limited to: 

Computational Intelligence Information Security  Applications
 â€¢Artificial Immune Systems                •Access Control  •Anti-Virus 
 â€¢Autonomy-Oriented Computing   •Authentication and Authorization •Biometrics
 â€¢Artificial Neural Systems                  •Block/Stream Ciphers •Content Security
 â€¢Bayesian earning                           •Cryptography and Coding  •Cryptography and Applications 
 â€¢Biological Computing                       •Cryptographic Protocols   •Communication Security 
 â€¢Data Mining                                      •Cryptanalysis    •Copyright Protection
 â€¢DNA Computing                               •Computer Forensics       •Database Security 
 â€¢Evolutionary Programming          •Hash Functions •Digital Signatures 
 â€¢Evolutionary Algorithms                  •Information and System Integrity •Data Privacy
 â€¢Image Understanding                    •Intrusion Detection •Distributed Systems Security 
 â€¢Intelligent Systems                           •Information Hiding •Detection of Abnormality
 â€¢Knowledge Discovery                      •Internet/Intranet Security •Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
 â€¢Learning Algorithms                        •Information Security Management •Financial Security
 â€¢Machine Learning                            •Key/Identity Management •Electronic Commerce Security
 â€¢Multi-Agent Systems                     •Mobile Communications Security •Information Discovery
 â€¢Multi-Objective EA                          •Malicious Codes •Mobile Device Security
 â€¢Neural Networks                            •Mobile Code & Agent Security •Multimedia Security
 â€¢Particle Swarm Optimization       •Network & Wireless Security •Software Encryption 
 â€¢Probabilistic Reasoning                •Public Key Cryptosystems •System Security
 â€¢Reinforcement Learning               •Public Key Infrastructure •Statistical Data Analysis 
 â€¢Supervised Learning                     •Secret Sharing •Web Privacy and Trust
 â€¢Swarm Intelligence                       •Security Management •Web Authentication
 â€¢Probabilistic Learning  Steganography & Watermarking •Web Security and Integrity 


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